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Web based/ LAN based Database

Database can be hosted in the web server (Optional) if there is a requirement to access your ERP from more than one geographical location.

Access your Reports, Give Approvals from anywhere in the world with the provision of accessing your ERP through Internet.

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Easy to Use

Easy to Use Screens for faster data entry with drop down menus, auto fill key words, Search boxes and many more.

Uniform Menu styles and process across all modules.

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Daily Activity/ Digest Reports – Scheduled as an email alert. Receive email reports for daily updates.

Graphical reports for easy understanding and better clarity.

More than 100 reports and improved access to information.

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Subscribe your license – Only usage cost.

No Capital Expenditure. Pay for you use. (Monthly/ Quarterly and Yearly Subscription available)

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Updates and Patches

Built-in Seamless updates to check for patches and new versions.

Scalable and Easy to roll out any customization in all the client PCs without manual intervention.

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Users and Rights

No limits on the number of Users.

Menu and Screen Rights for each user can be defined by the administrator based on their nature of job. Option to give access rights for functionalities like “Insert”, “Update”, “Delete” and “Preview”

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Customer Support

Ticketing and Help desk Portal integrated with email accounts.

Customers and agents are always able to see their tickets and statuses.

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